“Fostering communication, interchange of ideas and experience between the biological mass spectrometry community around the London area, promoting the use of mass spectrometry in bioanalytical analysis and biological research.”

The London Biological Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group exists to provide a unique forum for a diversity of mass spectrometry users including technicians, clinicians, academics, industrialists and students. We aim to get people together and discuss our common interest in mass spectrometry providing an opportunity for experts and novices alike to share ideas and network.

2023 sees us continue into our 17th year with the usual quarterly meetings held in various central London locations. Our meetings are free for all to attend and there are no membership or registration fees. Meetings consist of a plenary lecture followed by four twenty-minute talks including a student presentation. The emphasis of talks is to promote discussion, present problems and highlight topical issues and there is plenty of time between talks for debate. With the help of our sponsors we provide a free buffet lunch and a wine reception allowing ample time to mull over the talks and network. We are always open for suggestions on the content of meetings and if you would like to present, provide sponsorship, a venue or have any questions about our group please feel free to get in touch via email.

Meeting costs are met by company sponsorship and the sponsoring company has the privilege of nominating the plenary speaker, subject to LBMSDG committee approval based on our founding principles of no sales talks or bias for a particular application or field. Having ‘Biological’ in our title does not exclude anyone by field and likewise ‘London’ merely indicates where the meetings take place but should not restrict the attendance of mass spectrometry practitioners from other areas of the UK (or indeed the world!) – all are welcome. Pre-registration by email by attendees for each meeting is appreciated but is not required.

For more information please explore the rest of this website where you will find details of our next meeting and previous meetings, together with links to our sponsors.

Hilary Lewis (Committee Chairperson)

For and on behalf of the Discussion Group Committee