– 2nd Meeting of 2022: Thursday June 16th – 

The LBMSDG committee are pleased to announce that our second meeting of 2022 will be a face to face meeting on Thursday June 16th at the White City campus of Imperial College . As in keeping with previous meetings, it is free to attend (thanks to Thermo for sponsoring) & it will kick off at 13.00 with a buffet provided from 12.30. The meeting will provide attendees with a series of diverse talks on how mass spectrometry can be used to tackle complex biological questions. Further information regarding the meeting registration is in the Events section of our website, will be posted on our twitter feed & sent round the LBMSDG mailing list.

– Calling New LBMSDG Committee Members –

The LBMSDG is now in its seventeenth year and very much alive and kicking – however, to ensure continuity into the future, it is important to get new energy infused into the organising Committee regularly. To this end, we are always open to queries regarding future Committee Membership.

In addition to attending and supporting the four annual LBMDSG meetings, the Committee meet an additional 4-6 times for planning, in a London pub if possible.

The Committee has a formal structure (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Marketing) – there aren’t many other fun ways to get a solid example of holding a position of responsibility to enhance your CV…

Interested? Come to the next meeting find us, let’s have a chat.

Can’t make it? Get in touch via email.

– Further Meeting dates for 2022 –

16th June 2022: Imperial College, White City

22nd September 2022: Venue TBC

6th December 2022: Francis Crick